What Is the Meaning Of Interior Design And Types Of Interior Design Style

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Interior design is all about how we experience the space.The basic of Interior design.
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Do you want to learn the basic concepts of Interior design? Are you looking for something different and unique at low cost? Soo, you need not to search anymore. In this article we will discuss what is the meaning of Interior design. The different styles of Interior design will be discussed here.

The definition of interior design is all about how we experience spaces.  From planning to creating beautiful functional spaces, interior design covers everything for your home. Interior design is a skilled discipline. A Perfect design will be established with the combination of unique decorating styles, modern accessories 

What Is Exactly Interior design Mean 

The art of doing up the interior of an official or personal place is known as interior designing.  It is the art, science, and business planning of a creative, technical,  and functional interior solution that communicates to the architecture of a space.

 They study the blueprint of your home and find out what’s best for the space in terms of materials, furniture, lighting and decor, and of course, your lifestyle. The word Interior designers mean apply innovative and technical solutions within a structure that are functional, glamorous and beneficial to the owner’s quality of life and culture.

Interior designers can handle day to day dealing of your home with the planner and contractors, and design your dream house from your vision. Design styles alter and conform to the changing trends. There have been numerous design styles through the years, but let’s explore the most popular.

7 Different types of Interior design styles

  • Traditional Interior Design Style

The main key words to define this style is balance and symmetry. A traditional style decor provides the feeling of warmth and comfort through colours, furniture design.One of the signature elements of the traditional style is its use of abundant fabrica.  

All the accessories such as vases, candles, stands, bowls, accent pieces, sculptures and mirrors used in pairs to give a balanced look. The staple of traditional decor is cosy furniture with curves and soft edges.

  • Modern Interior Design Style

This style was a response against the traditional look. Modern designs include clean lines in architecture and furniture. Modern style gives a sense of space and this is best suited for an apartment as it makes the place look larger.

There is a sense of optimist and there is no overt embellishment. In a Modern decor use sterile colours, muted colours. Natural accessory elements and materials are used, such as wood frames, metal decor, and furniture.

  • Eclectic Interior Design Style

This style provides a perfect way to your personal aesthetic sense. This design brings together a variety of styles through furniture and elements. 

There is a variety of materials and design to create Eclectic design. There are no restrictication in terms of colours; bright and different shades of the same colour can be used.

  • Contemporary Interior Style

In this style mainly focused on the basis of line, shape and form. The main importance is given to open spaces, and importance is given to open spaces and natural light. Here visual interest is created with material rather than with colour.

In this light coloured woods are used with natural fabrics and clean lines with softer edges. Here shades clean lines with softer edges. Here shades of the similar colour are to bring about depth and variety.  

Indian Interior design style

In Indian style many patterns are seen in fabrics, Furniture,Wallpaper, and flooring and other Indian motifs take prominence. Indian furniture is intricate carving on furniture and jali work is the staple of indian decor style. 

The more burnt shades in the repertoire that fresh bold colour in the Indian Interior design style. This style is not about the subtle and the subdued. Curtains are made of material like jute.

Indian Interior design style.

 . Industrial Interior design style

The industrial design style brings the warehouse look inside your four walls. This style got popular  due to the trend to convert old factories into studio apartments. The rooms are on full display and polished concrete floors usually anchor the whole look.

The basic infrastructure of this style as tin steel, iron and aluminium dominate. Material dictates the colour, Primary colour is a big no.

 . Art Deco Interior Design style 

This style gained fame during the 20s and 30s, when glitz and opulence were all the range. The accessories were gloss metals, pearl or tortoise shell finishes,and mirror.

The distinct features of art deco style are geometric shapes, reflective furniture pieces and chest of drawers. This style uses a lot of pastel- turquoise blues and washed- out pinks are something juxtaposed with each other.

Art deco Interior design.


The smart solutions interior design is capable of developing component spaces alongside the reduction of operation cost.

Interior designing is actually a profession that some of you may choose to do someday. People are always wanting to improve their houses. The building’s interior plays the key role in its functionality because  even the largest house can lack space if poor design.

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