How to make money from Banner Ad Design at home

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Most of the blogs which make money online articles make their earnings from showing Google PPC ads, selling banner ad space, Affiliate ads in the form of links, banners, sponsored reviews, Cost Per Action (CPA) based revenue models and so on.  This article will specifically focus on how you can make money from your blog using Banner Ads to make money.

We need to have a blog with decent domain authority, Alexa Rank, search engine traffic, strong social media presence, and branding to start making real money from our blogs.  In this article, we will be sharing with you certain proven methods you’ll be able to effectively make money from your blogs by selling banner ads.

Create An Advertise Page On Your Blog

The first requirement is to create an ‘Advertise Here’ page on your website in order to let all potential advertisers know about the Ads space available on your website. In order to do that, You must share the website monthly traffic metrics such as monthly unique visitors, daily pageviews, percentage of traffic that you are getting from various demographics, bounce rate, and so on
. Most importantly you need to share how you will be accepting money like via Paypal or through credit cards etc. You should also share how advertisers can contact you by sharing your email id or by adding a contact form on the advertising page.  You can promote this page by adding a link for it on prominent places on your blog where it gets maximum exposure. In case your blog has ever been covered on top websites or other famous blogs, make sure that you mention that on the advertising page as well.

 Every now and then, write blog posts and special articles for the promotion of your advertising page on your other website as well.  One of the best things about direct advertising is the fact that you can ask for whatever price you want and all the money that you make from this process will be directly transferred to your bank account. But on lots of occasions, we don’t get enough advertisers through advertising or we think we can sell many more ads on our blog by joining some banner advertising networks.

Google AdSense Ads (Adwords)

Google AdSense allows its users to add advertisements in the form of text ads and image ads on the website. Using Google AdSense, you will be able to get paid using every genuine click that is made on the Google AdSense ad that is placed on your website. However, you will need thousands of monthly impressions on your website in order to make a decent amount of money.

Google Adsense supports all standard banner ads format. So you will not find difficulty in adding ads of your choice from Google Adsense on your blogs. But we need thousands of daily impressions on our website to start seeing good earnings in our Adsense account.

BuySellAds Advertising Network

BuySellAds  is a marketplace for buying and selling banner ads. Numerous advertisers use this marketplace to buy banner ads for top websites and blogs in their niche. And bloggers from all categories use it to make extra money online from their blogs by showing BSA ads on their blogs. Buy Sell Ads only accept blogs with decent traffic into its marketplace.  All the ads on BSA are purchased on a monthly basis.

 BSA used to send payments via Wire Transfer every week. But you need to have a minimum payout of $500 before using this facility and you have to pay a fee of $35 every time you use the Wire Transfer facility.


Adblade offers you real-time reporting and provides all the data such as number of impressions shown, click-through rate, cost-per-action, cost-per-click and so on so you can easily find and analyze your ad performance. Moreover, it also provides you with real-time reports as well as data such as the daily impressions, cost-per-action, click-through rate, etc so that you can analyse the performance of your ads.

OIO Publisher Network 

OIO Network provides the ability to manage ad space on blogs very easily. Bloggers do not need to share their revenue from banner ads. Users just need to pay a one-time small fee of $47 in order to start using the OIO Publisher Network.

As an OIO Publisher, you will have full control over ads that will be shown on your blog. Click here to know more in detail about OIO publisher network for managing and selling advertising space on your blog.  Publishers are paid into their Paypal account every month and they have been keeping a minimum payout of $25 for Paypal users.

Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is one of the most famous ad networks that is used by numerous publishers all over the world. It has served over 2 billion ad impressions across the world and offers a big range of banner ads. It offers you a self-service platform which helps you easily create your ad placements, manage those ads and monitor their performances. You can show your advertisement on both mobiles as well as desktops. You can select your ad placement, insert the ads code, and the ad will be displayed. 

Sharethrough Ads

 Adsterra is a publishing platform that provides users 100% fill rates to monetize every impression on your website. The good thing about using Adsterra is that it provides superior security and protection against malware and spam ads using their fraud detection system, so you can customize your website with high-quality ads to boost your income. Adsterra also offers users both mobile as well as desktop ads of different varieties that can be used to monetize your website.

Epom Ad Server

If you are looking to monetize different types of blog traffic across various devices, including both mobile and desktop, you can try using Epom market .  It also offers you video ads so you can monetize your videos as well and the video ad types to make money from banner ad.

Propeller Ads Network

Propeller Ads Network is used by over 150,000 people all across the world. The best part is that PropellerAds network moderates all of their advertisements using high-security integrations and manually 24/7. It also lets you publish various ads for both web and mobile users to improve your overall ad income from your websites.

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